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I really enjoy putting together visual guides, tools that can be tucked into your favorite garden reference book and help remind you when to start your seeds. Being an avid zone-pusher, my guides are especially salient for like-minded souls, though they work well for everyone.

Seed to Fork storefront

I recently took the time to create an Amazon storefront, which is where you can browse and shop for the books, tools, and various sundries we use here in our home and garden. I will be updating this on occasion, but for the moment it has our favorite books and seed starting supplies all linked up. Full disclosure: if you purchase through this store, I will receive a small percentage of the sale. Click the logo to visit the shop.

A Word about Seed Companies

There are as many seed companies as there are condiment options in the grocery aisle, and similarly, seed companies become a deeply personal choice. We identify with them. They sustain us. They become us as they literally nourish us. I am no exception, falling into committed relationships with my seed sources.

That being said, I have grown to love some companies more than others, while not necessarily loving others less. If this notion resonates with you, well, that brings a smile to my face. There is always room in my budget to support new, small, independent seed companies.

Annual Seeds: vegetables, flowers, and fruit:

Perennial Fruits / Natives:

Podcasts & Other Media

I’ve been honored to have been on a few gardening podcasts over the past year. You can have a listen by following the links provided:

Other Resources We Love: